Engine Immobiliser

What is an Engine Immobiliser?

An engine immobiliser is an electronic security device that is installed to help prevent carjacking, especially in the case of keyless entry vehicles.

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is the market-leading engine immobiliser device and the original aftermarket CAN Bus immobiliser.

Car Theft Solutions are approved fitters of the Ghost and have helped to consequently prevent any theft attempts on high-value vehicles.

How does an Engine Immobiliser work?

An engine immobiliser such as the Autowatch Ghost is an excellent way to secure your vehicle and is undetectable to potential thieves. It is designed so the driver is required to enter a pin code between 4 and 20 characters in length, on entering the car. The sequence can be made up of using any combination of buttons inside the car. This can be anything from the electric windows, windscreen wipers and indicators, an unlimited number of codes.

As only the driver knows this secret code, unless the pin code is entered correctly, the engine will not start. There is also an Autowatch Ghost 2 smartphone app, which can be used in place of the pin sequence.


Supplied, programmed and fitted from £499 with a 2 year device warranty.

What are the advantages of having an Engine Immobiliser?

This combats the risks associated with the popular theft method of key cloning and relay attacks. Even if they successfully clone your vehicle’s keys, the car will not move and will leave the thieves confused. You are much more likely to catch thieves in the act and report them to the police.

Another huge benefit of engine immobilisers is the potential for insurance providers to offer you a lower premium due to the reduced risk of it being stolen.

It also gives you more confidence and peace of mind that your vehicle will remain secure wherever it is left.

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