Scorpion X Immobiliser

In the vehicle security market, Car Theft Solutions is well known as an approved Scorpion X Immobiliser installer. We are located just outside of Birmingham, so we are perfectly positioned to serve all of the West Midlands  

£450 Fully Fitted inc VAT | Pay 0% Finance Over 4 Months

At Car Theft Solutions, we are proud to offer mobile fitting for all Scorpion X Immobilisers. The only way you can disarm a Scorpion X Immobiliser is by using a custom pin code that you as the owner create, making it theft proof for any criminal trying to drive off with your car.

About the Scorpion X immobiliser

Since 1974, Scorpion Automotive has designed and manufactured vehicle security. Enter your unique and changeable PIN at any point in the existing vehicle controls and your vehicle will start as normal. Using special key cloning and key coding devices, thieves can steal any keyless vehicle in 30 seconds or less. Using the latest technology, Scorpion X is uniquely coded to each vehicle and can be removed and refitted to your next vehicle.

The Benefits of Scorpion X Immobiliser

Key Relay Defence

This device protects against Key Relay theft, a method where criminals pick up the signal from your car key and use a transmitter to trick your car into believing the key is present, allowing them to open the door and start the car.

Personal Security

To enable or disable the immobiliser, the X-series uses a combination of buttons and switches in your car. Customize it to suit your car and yourself by selecting any combination of buttons.

High-Level Protection

You don’t need to remember to reactivate the system once you have completed any journey in your vehicle. Once your vehicle has been turned off, the scorpion X immobiliser will automatically activate, therefore start protecting your vehicle.

Compatible with Many Vehicles

We always like to deliver the very best service, as shown on our reviews page. Our Immobiliser installations include a wide range of vehicles, from commercial vans and Ford Fiestas to Lamborghinis and Porsche’s. Each is installed with care and are undetectable to the eye.

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