Vodafone Automotive Vehicle Tracker

Car Theft Solutions are proud to partner with Vodafone Automotive, a recognised leading provider of automotive products and services. We've carefully selected the Vodafone Vehicle Tracker, to offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle, especially paired with our Ghost Immobiliser.

We all know that vehicle theft is on the rise, with thieves using more sophisticated methods to steal your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable company like Car Theft Solutions to install a trusted GPS tracking device such as Vodafone’s.

You gain valuable peace of mind and vehicle protection with remote management theft tracking on-demand, utilising Vodafone's quality connected car mobile and web app.

The Vodafone Vehicle Tracker Protect & Connect range of products are accredited to either Thatcham CAT 6 or Category 5 level - the best for UK quality standards in terms of stolen vehicle tracking systems.

Thatcham security testing regime is amongst the most rigorous in the world and acts as a benchmark for crime prevention measures internationally.

Key reasons to choose Vodafone Automotive Tracker:

  • Pinpoint GPS Tracking

    Starts the instant an alert is received, enabling the Vodafone Automotive Secure Operating Centre to give the Police a head start on the thieves.

  • International GSM Coverage

    Vodafone Automotive's Secure Operating Centre can track a stolen vehicle in over 180 countries. Vodafone Automotive's 'Roaming' SIM card automatically communicates with the 'best-connected' local GSM network.

  • "Crime In Progress" Information

    Live tracking via an open line to the Police gives them a good opportunity to get the vehicle back undamaged and to catch the thieves as well as a minute by minute history of where the vehicle has been driven.

  • 2-Year Warranty

    All Vodafone Protect & Connect systems include a 2-year warranty.

  • Tow-away and Tamper Alert

    Triggered when motion is detected with the engine switched off, when the vehicle battery is disconnected or discharged, or the system wiring is cut

  • Tow-away and Tamper Alert

    Triggered when motion is detected with the engine switched off, when the vehicle battery is disconnected or discharged, or the system wiring is cut

  • Thatcham Accredited

    Recognised by major insurers both within the UK and mainland Europe who may offer customers who have the device installed a discount.

  • Automatic System 'Health Check'

    All Vodafone Protect & Connect units perform a regular self-diagnostic check - meaning that any issues in performance can be immediately addressed.

  • Covert Installation

    Thieves cannot detect that a tracking system is present.

  • System Transfer

    In most cases, before you change vehicle, we can re-install the system in the new vehicle and transfer the subscription - protecting your initial investment. 

How does the Vehicle Tracker work?

Vodafone Car tracker helps with Stolen Vehicle Recovery by providing constant communication between the GPS/GSM tracking system, and Vodafone Automotive server infrastructure.

This is fitted covertly to your vehicle by Car Theft Solutions and provides pinpoint live tracking data on vehicle position and movement, including speed and direction of travel. They’re lightweight and compact, weighing less than 330g, and are housed in robust, heavy duty casing.

The devices are designed, manufactured and rigorously tested at Vodafone’s state of the art production facility.

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My Connected Car Mobile App

By choosing us to install a Vodafone GPS tracker system, you are automatically given access to the ‘My Connected Car’ mobile and web app. With My Connected Car, you can access and manage several your vehicle security and safety functions wherever you are. My Connected Car provides easy access to vehicle information including real-time vehicle location, directions to the vehicle.

GPS Tracker Vodafone Automotive

Vodafone is a Tier One partner for vehicle tracking to the main European and Asian car, truck and motorcycle manufacturers, developing bespoke solutions: anti-theft, parking assistance and telematics systems. It’s unique amongst vehicle tracking devices due to its scope of European infrastructure, covering 54 countries worldwide.

There are seamless international infrastructure and unparalleled levels of service. By Vodafone having a network of National Service Providers (NSPs) and Secure Operating Centres (SOCs) who undertake Police liaison and vehicle recovery in the local language on a customer's behalf across Europe.

My Connected Car App Features:

Live Vehicle Location - Including satellite Google maps viewing

Trip reports - See your latest and historical journeys including distance travelled as well as average and maximum speed

Car Finder Route (Driving and Walking) - Can’t remember where you parked? Car finder shows you the quickest way to get back to your vehicle

Geofence - Set a Geofence zone and receive an in-app notification if the vehicle enters or leaves that area

Special modes - Simply activate Garage Mode or Transport Mode team

Speed Alert - Set a specific speed limit and receive an in-app notification if you exceed that limit

SOS button - Directs to the Vodafone Automotive Secure Operating Centre

Multiple vehicles - Up to 10 vehicles available in one account


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