England Captain Harry Kane’s Range Rover Stolen by Thieves

Recently another footballer’s prized vehicle was stolen in a brazen daylight raid. England Captain Harry Kane was the next victim in a spree of a targeted attack on celebs luxury vehicles.

His £100,000 Range Rover was stolen from an upmarket address in Chingford, East London.

It is believed that this was a planned attack, as the thieves were spotted on CCTV driving several times in the past month before stealing the vehicle.

He is the third Tottenham payer to be robbed recently, with teammates Dele Alli and Jan Vertonghen being attacked by armed raiders.

The thieves used the common keyless clone and relay method. This works on keyless entry vehicles by being close to the keys themselves, picking up and cloning the transmission and then replicating it to the car.  The car thinks this is the original key and allows them to drive away with ease, usually completed in under 60 seconds.


range rover

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