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Secure Your Vehicle with a Ghost Immobiliser

If you own a valuable and desirable vehicle, it is important to protect it from car thieves in every way you can. A Ghost Immobiliser is a popular choice for all vehicle types, due to its effectiveness and ease of use for the vehicle owner. Car Theft Solutions install Ghost Immobilisers West Midlands and beyond from £499. For cars worth thousands of pounds, it’s a small investment to make!

Car Thieves today are becoming more advanced and are usually able to break into unsecured cars undetected, often being able to drive your vehicle off the drive in just 60 seconds. For owners who have worked so hard to own a luxury car, it is heartbreaking how it can be taken away so quickly.

Supplied, programmed and fitted from £499 with a 2 year device warranty.

Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser West Midlands

Carjackings happen are keyless entry vehicles often, as they use the keyless cloning and relay box method. This picks up the transmission from outside your house and transmits to the vehicle. This is mistakenly recognised for the owner’s key and allows them to drive away with ease, usually without you even knowing.

The Ghost Immobiliser West Midlands combats this issue by giving you a unique pin code using the panels and centre console which must be entered before the engine will start, therefore combating this issue. Thieves will be stuck with a vehicle that won’t start, and those valuable seconds leave time for the police or you to catch the criminals.

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We always like to deliver the very best service, as shown on our reviews page. Our Ghost Immobiliser West Midlands installations include all vehicle types, from commercial vans and Ford Fiestas to Lamborghinis and Porsche’s. Each is installed with care and the device is undetectable to the eye.

Once you have purchased the device, it will last long-term as it can also easily be transferred by us to a new car when you sell the vehicle. It is the best choice to give you full protection for your new vehicle.

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If you have a vehicle that needs added security, please contact us for advice on 03333703259 or use our simple online form and we will arrange a convenient time for installation at your chosen location.

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