Protect Your Family and Home with a Personal Protection Dog

Here at Car Theft Solutions, we are market leaders for the Autowatch Ghost Engine Immobiliser, installing at a location of your choice in just two hours. At the forefront of vehicle theft prevention, the Ghost Immobiliser is TASSA and insurance approved. Car theft is a concern for owners of expensive vehicles, as thieves are more likely to target prestige car owners as they are likely to own other high-value possessions.

The Ghost Vehicle Immobiliser works by connecting to your vehicle’s CAN Data Network, and you must then enter a personal programmed PIN Code using any of the buttons on your dashboard or steering wheel. This creates a unique button pattern that must be entered by you before your vehicle’s engine will start, making it secure from theft.

Blue BMW A1k9
Blue BMW A1k9

Personal Protection Dogs

At Car Theft Solutions, feeling safe wherever you are is one of our main focuses. As well as our recommended Ghost Immobiliser, investment into a Personal Protection dog could be the next step into your security at home. We all want lifelong security and peace of mind that our families and assets stay safe.

A1K9 is and has been at the forefront of personal and family security for over 25 years, providing highly trained protection dogs to families and individuals. The dogs are excellent at protecting the people who purchase them as well as the family homes in which they live. Read more about them here.

Other ways to increase protection of your home include upgraded locks on windows and doors, CCTV, alarm systems, automated security lights, even using gravel on driveways; anything that is going to make a potential criminal look at your home and decide that they are better off targeting another home that may be easier to breach.

All these suggestions make you a much tougher target for criminals, the addition of a trained protection dog along with a Ghost Immobiliser is likely to make you a burglar’s worst nightmare.

In addition, there is no substitute for being vigilant and staying aware of your surroundings, checking your mirrors when driving for vehicles that may be following or checking no people are loitering near the gates of the home before pressing the fob to open them.

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A1K9 dog trainers
A1K9 dog trainers