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Car Theft Solutions are a leading Ghost installation specialist in Birmingham and the West Midlands, dedicated to protecting your Range Rover in addition to a wide range of other makes and models of vehicles.

After spending your hard-earned money to buy a Range Rover, one of the most prestigious cars on the road, it is understandable you will want to look after it and protect it from increasing keyless car theft which is continually on the rise.  This is even more true with this make and model of car being in the top 10 of cars being stolen across the UK.

By choosing to have a range Rover ghost installed you can be reassured your car is protected.

What is a Range Rover Ghost?

The Autowatch Range Rover Ghost is a state-of-the-art immobiliser that prevents your vehicle from being stolen using a relay box where criminals can take cars without the keys.  It works by using buttons in your vehicle such as those on your steering wheel, door panels, centre console, or pedals to enable you to make a unique sequence (like a pin code) that must be entered before your car will start to drive away.  Even if a thief has your keys, the sequence will still need to be entered which only you will know.

Range Rover with Ghost Immobiliser
Range Rover with Ghost Immobiliser

Why Choose A Range Rover Ghost Over Other Security Devices 

By choosing a Range Rover Ghost over other standard tracking devices and locks you are protecting your car from key cloning, hacking, and even key theft.  The only way a thief could take your ghost-protected Range Rover is by physically towing it and even then they will still be unable to drive it without knowing the ghost sequence.

Approved Tassa UK Autowatch Range Rover Ghost Installs

Can a Range Rover Ghost Be Hacked?

Usual tactics used by vehicle thieves will not work at compromising the Range Rover Ghost Immobiliser. Known as one of the most reliable and highly secure security devices, it is an excellent choice to ensure your vehicle remains firmly on your drive. There are no obvious indicators to give away the location of the device, so it will remain hidden and out of sight.

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Range Rover Security

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Range Rover Sport Ghost Immobiliser

How Much Is a Range Rover Ghost?

Our ghost immobilisers are supplied, programmed, and fitted from £499 (vehicle dependent) with a 2-year device warranty.  A small price to pay to protect your Range Rover from theft.

Key Features of a Range Rover Ghost 

  • Prevents your engine from starting without the use of inputting a unique personalised code that you have created and only know.
  • Nothing visible to show there is a ghost installed
  • Tamper-proof – no physical circuits that can be cut to disable it
  • Free from detection – our ghost immobilisers will not transmit any physical radio signals so thieves cannot use any detection gadgets
  • No key fobs or LED indications to give away its location
  • Subscription free - No monitoring or annual service charges required
  • Service/Valet mode enables you to remain protected from not having to reveal your pin code to a dealership.
  • Tassa approved and recognised by insurers
Tassa registered company
ISO Quality management

Stop Key Cloning Car Theft with a Range Rover Autowatch Ghost

Why Choose Car Theft Solutions for a Ghost Immobiliser Installation?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and take pride in our work as much as you do your car.   Being Tassa registered means we follow and uphold a strict set of detailed criteria for system installations to guarantee all installations are completed safely and correctly by our fully trained expert fitters to give reassurance and confidence to customers, insurers, and law enforcement.

We are always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have before or after your ghost installation, our customer service does not stop at the door.

Hear From Our Current Clients!

star-rating-5 ghost immobiliser

Excellent service all round. Would recommend Car Theft Solutions to anyone. My fitter Lewis was a credit to the company and explained everything perfectly. Danielle replied to all my emails prior to booking very promptly so thanks again. I can now sleep better now knowing my pride and joy is safe thanks to Car Theft Solutions. Thanks, Lee

Lee Molland

Being a police officer in the West Midlands i hear of vehicles being stolen every shift and it’s worrying! Not just high-performance vehicles. I’ve always used a disklok but wanted something extra. I contacted these guys and they booked me in straight away. Within the hour the ghost was fitted and I had a full rundown on how it works (I’ve forgotten twice it’s fitted and have tried to start the car) I’d never have known anyone had been in the car, instal certificate was emailed the same day! Cracking service, good price, and superb product! Would certainly recommend!!!


Lewis and Josh come and fitted two ghost immobilisers on my cars and they couldn’t help me enough, ran through everything with me multiple times until I got a good understanding of how it works top lads and a great service would definitely recommend abs will definitely be using in the future.

Ryan Leadbeater

Luke is very knowledgeable and answered my queries straight away . Once booked Luke kept me updated and managed to slot me in earlier when I had an unexpected day off. Did the job , no mess and explained how the system worked. He was only a call away when my wife couldn’t start the car (not Luke’s fault ). Would highly recommend. Thanks Luke , top job

Matt Robinson

arrived on site when agreed. fitted ghost and a tracker. Fast and great workmanship. could not fault the guy super friendly and super knowledgeable.

would 100 percent recommend.

Ben Elwell

Luke is a top bloke ! Arrived early and got the ghost fitted without a problem!! Very professional! Would definitely recommend!!

William Blair-Hickman

Reliable, friendly, Fast and efficient service.
Made an enquiry on Tuesday and fitted today.
Thank you for explaining everything and answering all my questions.
Would highly recommend to anyone looking for this service.

Loren Linden

Great Service, Quick and Easy Installation and Walkthrough on both Ghost and Tracker. Would highly recommend.

Sam Graham

Luke arrived on time very professional service would highly recommend anyone to get a Ghost fitted to there vehicle

June Jones

Having experienced both a keyless theft and a subsequent attempt to steal my replacement car, I was in the market for something that would stop my car being stolen that didn't need some kind of key fob to protect it. The only solution I could find was the Autowatch Ghost. In order to have it installed, I contacted Luke over Facebook and he agreed to come and install it. At all times prior to and during the installation Luke has been courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. I am thoroughly delighted with his work and would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of having this technology installed and, to be honest, everyone who cares about their vehicle should have this fitted.

Neil Horsburgh

Very professional & quick service, came to work car park & installed in 40 minutes. Answered all my questions very patiently. I wasn’t very confident using it in the beginning but Luke patiently stayed & went through everything step by step till I was happy. Thanks Luke

Imran Khan

After having my car stolen and learning the hard way, I've now had the ghost fitted, once bitten twice shy. I now have peace of mind I'm not gonna go through the same nightmare again. Luke was polite, friendly and 5* service. I would highly recommend.

Lisa Williams

Luke's service was amazing from the first message through to finishing the installation, nothing was too much trouble! If you're thinking about having the Ghost installed on your car then definitely message these guys, couldn't recommend it enough.

Thomas 'Noodle' Didcote

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