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How Does a Scorpion Immobiliser Work?

With the Scorpion Immobiliser, you simply enter a unique pin and start your car as usual, but, if the wrong pin is entered, or if the system recognises that someone is trying to steal your car by a relay attack, then your car becomes undrivable. This means that even if someone does have your car keys, your car is not going anywhere unless they know your correct unique pin combination.

You can be sure that your car will be protected against thieves, whether your at home or anywhere else. The Scorpion X Immobiliser will protect your vehicle from thieves trying to clone your keys or if they have stolen yours.

The Scorpion X Immobiliser comes with a 3-year warranty, and it is compatible with most cars - for compatibility, contact Car Theft Solutions today.

Car Theft in Birmingham

It is not uncommon for cars to be stolen in any city, including Birmingham. The risk of car theft can be influenced by a variety of factors, including the type of car you drive, where you park it, and the security measures you have in place. Having the Scorpion X Immobiliser fitted will reduce the risk of car theft in Birmingham.


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Scorpion Immobiliser Key Features

Undetectable & Discreet

Different from other types of immobilisers and steering wheel locks, the Scorpion X Immobiliser works in the background of your car, being undetectable to anybody. It doesn’t use any kind of signal that can be detected nor does it have bulky undesirable designs

Key Delay Defence

As mentioned, the Scorpion X Immobiliser can prevent your car from being stolen by relay attacks, as it blocks the movement of the car by the smart technology that disables the use of the can by holding a pin.

Personal Security

All Scorpion X-Series uses a combination of buttons that enable and disable your Scorpion X Immobiliser, meaning that you can make your combination unique to you and your car.

High-Level of Protection

Once the vehicle is turned off, the system will automatically activate, protecting your vehicle as soon as you are done with your travel, so you don’t need to keep remembering to turn it on.

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State of the Art Next-Gen Tech

Undetectable Protection

Iso 9001 Certified

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