Scorpion Tracker Immobiliser

At Car Theft Solutions, we are approved installers of the Scorpion tracker immobiliser. With our headquarters located just outside of Birmingham city centre, we are conveniently located to install and fit across all of the West Midlands.

Instant Vehicle Immobiliser

The Scorpion tracker immobiliser once installed, instantly protects your vehicle from a key relay attack. What is a relay attack?

A key relay attack is a type of attack that occurs in wireless communication systems where an attacker intercepts and retransmits a key message, allowing them to gain access to a network or decrypt communications. This type of attack is particularly dangerous because it can be difficult to detect, and it can allow an attacker to gain unauthorized access to a network or decrypt sensitive information.

Scorpion Immobilser Fitted by Car Theft Solutions in Birmingham
Criminal trying to get into car with Scorpion immobiliser

Key Relay Defence

The Scorpion tracker immobiliser guards against Key Relay theft, which occurs when a criminal picks up the signal from your car key and uses a transmitter to trick your car into thinking the key is inside, opening the door and letting the thief start the engine. This isn’t an option when having the Scorpion X Series installed.

Personal Security

To enable or disable the immobiliser, the X-series utilises a combination of buttons and switches in your car. You can select any button combination, making it specific to you and your vehicle.

High-Level Protection

After your trip is over, there is no need to remember to turn the system back on because it will begin protecting the car automatically as soon as the engine is turned off.

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Scorpion X Series

Scorpion has been manufacturing innovative vehicle security since 1973 therefore, at Car Theft Solutions, we are proud to be installing the scorpion tracker immobiliser for our customers, knowing the level of protection it successfully delivers.

There has been a huge rise in keyless car theft over the last few years. In 2020 75,000 vehicles were stolen, with that figure expected to rise a further 20% each year as we go forward, it is vital to get your vehicle equipped with the latest key relay defence technology.

Our local engineers work around the clock to secure your vehicle at a time and place suitable for you. So how does the Scorpion tracker immobiliser work against a key relay attack?

First, you enter your unique pin number, and start your vehicle as normal.

If someone gets hold of the keys or attempts a relay attack, the car cannot be moved without the correct pin code – enhancing your personal security.

Scorpion X Series Fitted by Car Theft Solutions

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