The 10 most stolen cars in Britain

The UK’s most stolen cars are:

  1. Range Rover Sport
  2. BMW X5
  3. Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  4. Range Rover Vogue
  5. Land Rover Discovery
  6. BMW X6
  7. Range Rover Evoque
  8. BMW 3 Series
  9. Range Rover Autobiography
  10. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Car burglar looking in window

If you drive one of the cars on our list, you might want to look into extra security.

If you’re buying a new car, it’s worth checking whether it’s on the list of most stolen vehicles in the UK.

Figures from stolen vehicle recovery service, Tracker, reveal top-of-the-range vehicles such as Range Rover and BMW were favoured by thieves in 2019.

Thieves continue to exploit vulnerabilities in vehicle tech. And they’re using sophisticated devices to hack into cars with keyless entry systems.

This is a worry for motorists. How can you protect your car against attacks on vehicle technology? We’re here to help.

Keyless entry vulnerabilities

It’s thought that this could be down to thieves hacking cars with keyless entry functions.

This convenient system allows you to get into your vehicle and start it without having to get your keys out.

The fob itself permanently transmits a signal to the car. Using a relay device, criminals can hack this signal, open the car and drive away. Even when the fob is inside the house.

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