Top 10 Postcodes for Car Theft

Birmingham is one of them – including the four models thieves are stealing


Vehicle thefts across England and Wales have soared by more than a fifth in the last three years, however, vehicle crime varies wildly depending on the area.

The UK’s top 10 postcodes for car thieves and which motors are getting most stolen has been released in a new study.

The cars most likely to be stolen are Ford Fiesta and VW Golfs, as well as the Focus and Vauxhall Corsa’s too DVLA data has revealed.


The Top 10 Postcodes

1. LE2 (Leicester) 342

2. SL1 (Slough) 285

3. SN5 (Swindon) 268

4. GU11 (Aldershot) 263

5. B25 (Birmingham) 256

6. MK14 (Milton Keynes) 252

7. SK3 (Stockport) 233

8. DL1 (Darlington) 225

9. SL3 (Slough) 192

10. L39 (Ormskirk) 177




Although Birmingham is in fifth place, it could have been worse with Leicester’s LE2 at the top of the standings with up to 90 more steals than Birmingham.

The well-off postcodes in Aldershot and Swindon saw pricier cars on thieves’ radars with Range Rover Evokes and Land Rover Discovery’s coming out on top.

**Data recorded as the number of vehicles recorded as stolen by the police between 1 January and 31 December 2020 in the DVLA records by the UK postcode region**




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