Vehicle Security – Tips to stop yours from being stolen

We are all about vehicle security here at Car Theft Solutions. Motor vehicle thefts in the UK have soared by 56% in the past 4 years. The largest rise in terms of vehicle numbers was recorded by West Midlands Police, Metropolitan Police and Kent Police RAC revealed.

Although car technology is continually evolving, so are the thieves targeting them, developing sophisticated techniques to bypass standard car security.

Ford Fiesta Ghost Immobilser

Invest in a Ghost Immobiliser

A Ghost Immobiliser is an excellent way to protect your vehicle. Keyless car theft is so much more common and easier than ever for thieves to do, often able to drive away in under 60 seconds. It prevents you from being a victim to the latest ‘relay attack’ method where thieves relay the signal of your keys from inside your home, tricking the car into thinking you are outside.

Installing one into your vehicle means without a unique pin sequence entered, the car’s engine will not start. Read more about how a Ghost Immobiliser works here.

Choose a safe place to park

When your vehicle is parked on your drive, consider how you can make it harder for thieves. Common ways include installing a retractable bollard, locked gates, and blocking vehicles together.

When parking away from the home, find a well-lit, managed car park if possible covered with CCTV. Park closer to other vehicles if possible, a car on its own is an easy target as they are less likely to be disturbed by another vehicle.

Install a GPS tracking device & Home CCTV

Although having a GPS tracking device on your vehicle and CCTV on your home won’t prevent the vehicle from being stolen, it may make thieves think twice about choosing your vehicle. Install an obvious CCTV system and display stickers in your windows to show this. A vehicle tracking device will help if your vehicle is stolen as the police can pinpoint your location quickly.

Add a Visual Deterrent & Remove Desirable Items

Visual deterrents such as steering wheel locks inside the car, although old-school, can make thieves choose another vehicle as it adds extra hassle for them to remove in an opportunistic theft. It’s important to always remove anything desirable once you exit your car, including bags, phone, money, sat-navs – even if you are only popping out for a few minutes.

Don’t Leave Your Engine Running

If you are only leaving your car unattended for a minute, for example, to de-ice our windows or pop into a shop – it leaves a perfect window for carjackers to take your vehicle with ease.

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