Ghost 2 Immobiliser

All popular car models are compatible with the Ghost 2 Immobiliser. At Car Theft Solutions, From just £499, your Ghost 2 Immobiliser device will be supplied, programmed and fitted and it includes a 2 year device warranty.

Secure your vehicle and peace of mind with the next generation of vehicle security – Ghost 2 Immobiliser with Car Theft Solutions.

Ghost 2 immobiliser installed on G Wagon by Car Theft Solutions

Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser

By installing a Ghost 2 Immobiliser, Car Theft Solutions can stop your car from being stolen using a relay box, which allows thieves to steal cars without the keys. The theft of cars with keyless access is increasing year over year, but we can help you with the security of your vehicle.

How does the Ghost 2 Work?

Our expert security technicians install the Ghost 2 immobiliser at your house or place of business. The device, which is linked to the Can-Bus system in your car, immobilises the engine by speaking to the ECU, and can only be turned off by entering a special PIN number – created by YOU, the driver.

The Ghost 2 cannot be bypassed using any kind of theft technique because it does not use radio frequency signals or key fobs. Diagnostics are incapable of detecting it. Additionally, it functions silently utilising the onboard CAN data network, has no LED indicator to reveal its location, and provides round-the-clock security.

Cutting Edge Vehicle Security

For just £100, you can secure your Ghost 2 fitting with Car Theft Solutions, just simply click the button below, or if you have any questions, call us!

Unique Pin Code

The unique PIN code must be entered into the existing buttons on the dashboard or steering wheel to gain access for the owner. The PIN can be changed to a private number of your choosing. Also, the device has a Service/Valet Mode meaning that this security code is never compromised, even when the car is undergoing its MOT or being professionally valeted. In essence, this is a chip and pin for your car, with the possibility, if desired, to establish a code for up to 20 buttons.

No Hassle Fitting

At Car Theft Solutions, we understand the importance of your time, and this is why we have made our fitting process hassle- free to suit you, our customer! We will come to wherever suits you within our 50m radius of Birmingham at a time that’s best for you.

Lambo fitted with Ghost 2 by Car Theft Solutions
Porsche fiited with ghost 2 by Car Theft Solutions

Ghost 2 Immobiliser Features

  • Handsfree – disarm by smartphone or Bluetooth
  • You can connect up to 2 smartphones
  • Using the driving wheel/dash buttons, disarm the sequence.
  • Protection against hijacking with a unique pin code to drive
  • Invisible engine blocking
  • No LED indications or key fobs
  • Radio frequency signals are not transmitted
  • Mot/Service/Valet Mode
  • Auto engage when your ignition is turned off
  • Protection from key cloning, key theft & Hijacking

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What is a Ghost 2 Immobiliser?

The Autowatch Ghost 2 is a discreet device installed on the inside of your vehicle. It is effective at protecting your vehicle, as it requires a sequence to be entered acting as pin code, to get the engine to start which only the driver will know.  This can be a combination of buttons and pedals pressed. This stops the car from being driven away in the event of a theft. Read more FAQs here. 

If your vehicle has keyless entry, you are vulnerable to thieves being able to drive away in under 60 seconds. Keyless car theft is increasingly common, thieves use a keyless cloning and relay method, by picking up the transmission from outside your house and replicating it to the car.  

The car thinks this is the original key and allows them to drive away with ease, usually without you even knowing. The Ghost 2 Immobiliser eliminates this as an option, as without knowing the unique pin code, they will be stuck with no way to move the vehicle.  Read more about this here

The installation of the Autowatch Ghost 2 is a quick and hassle-free process. Taking under two hours, we come to a location of your choice for the ghost immobiliser fitting and give a full demonstration of how to use it correctly. Read more about this here.

Usual tactics used by vehicle thieves will not work at compromising the Ghost 2 Immobiliser. Known as one of the most reliable and highly secure security devices, it is an excellent choice to ensure your vehicle remains firmly on your drive. There are no obvious indicators to give away the location of the device, so it will remain hidden and out of sight. Read more about this here.

Having a vehicle immobiliser installed is sure to reduce your car insurance cost in most cases. Most Insurance companies will offer a discounted rate, as it shows responsible ownership and has less likelihood of being stolen. The Ghost 2 Immobiliser is now TASSA approved (Tracker and Aftermarket security systems association) as of March 2020.  Read more about this here.

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