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Scorpion Fleet Tracker

Scorpion Fleet Track is a GPS-based vehicle tracking system designed to help fleet managers track and manage their vehicles more effectively. Here are some of the benefits of using Scorpion Fleet Track:

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Provides real-time information about the location of your vehicles, allowing you to monitor their movements and ensure that they are on track with their assigned routes.

Improved Safety

Helping improve driver safety by providing real-time alerts for speeding, harsh braking, and other dangerous driving behaviours. This can help fleet managers identify areas where additional training is needed to improve driver safety.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Can help reduce fuel costs by providing real-time data on vehicle idling, speeding, and other inefficient driving behaviours. This information can be used to identify areas where drivers can improve their driving habits to save fuel and reduce costs.

Increased Efficiency

Scorpion Fleet Track provides detailed data on vehicle usage and performance, allowing fleet managers to identify areas where efficiency can be improved. This can include optimising routes, reducing unnecessary stops, and improving vehicle maintenance schedules.

Enhanced Security

Enhancing vehicle security by providing real-time alerts for unauthorised vehicle use or entry and enabling quick recovery in the event of vehicle theft.

Improved Customer Service

Scorpion Fleet Track can improve customer service by providing accurate information on delivery times and vehicle locations. This can help fleet managers communicate with customers more effectively and provide a better overall experience.

Car fitted with Scorpion Immobiliser

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In summary, Scorpion Fleet Track provides fleet vehicles with real-time information on vehicle location, driver behaviour, and vehicle performance, helping to improve safety, reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance security, and improve customer service.

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