Scorpion Immobiliser Halesowen

Looking to get your car equipped with a Scorpion Immobiliser in Halesowen? Car Theft Solutions are leading specialist in the vehicle security industry.

Halesowen Car Theft

Halesowen is unfortunately becoming a hot spot for car thefts, and with proximity to major motorways and high value cars in the area, it attracts thieves committing keyless car entry/ key cloning. Car Theft Solutions has worked with many clients across Halesowen in the last few years, enhancing car security and giving residents peace of mind.

Scorpion Immobiliser

When using the Scorpion Immobiliser, you simply enter a special PIN to start your car as usual. However, if the wrong pin is entered or the system detects an attempt to steal your vehicle via a relay attack, your automobile will no longer be drivable. This implies that even if someone does possess your car keys, they cannot start your vehicle unless they are aware of your precise, personal pin combination.

Whether you are at home in Halesowen or somewhere else, you can be sure that your car will be secured against theft. If someone steals your keys or tries to duplicate them, the Scorpion X Immobiliser will prevent it from being driven.

Range Rover in Halesowen fitted with Scopion Immoboliser
Scopion tracker for vehicles fitted by Car Theft Solutions in Halesowen

Scorpion Immobiliser Compatibility

All significant vehicle models are compatible with the Scorpion X-Series car immobiliser. They are also perfect in protecting your fleet of commercial vehicles.

There is no way for a criminal to start your car, even if they have your keys because it won't start until your exclusive PIN code sequence is entered (conveniently utilising the existing controls in your cockpit – all fully set up by you).

Blocking Engine from Starting

Having the Scorpion Immobiliser in Halesowen fitted, stops Key Theft, Keyless Entry, and Key Cloning. Thieves who use key cloning technology are unable to modify the vehicle's ECU or duplicate the keys in order to bypass the security of the X-Series Immobiliser. Regardless of the theft method, it is impossible to start your car without first entering your personal PIN.

Why Pay More?

State of the Art Next-Gen Tech

Undetectable Protection

Iso 9001 Certified


Contemporary criminals are capable of detecting circuit cuts and aftermarket security using diagnostic tools. Since the X-Series Immobiliser has no cuts, these methods cannot be used to identify it. Because your Scorpion Immobiliser doesn't broadcast any form of frequency, your X-Series is silent and undetectable by thieves.


If you have purchased a Scorpion Immobiliser for your Halesowen-based vehicle, and you are thinking of upgrading your car in upcoming years, it can simply be taken out and put back in a different car without leaving any trace that it was ever there.

Your car's controller area network (CAN) is directly connected to your X-Series Car Immobiliser. From the CAN, a personalised PIN is created just for you. Using the buttons on your dash and steering wheel, you can enter this PIN, a special secret sequence. This indicates that only people who are aware of the combination can start your car. After a few trips, you'll become completely accustomed to your Scorpion Immobiliser, and starting your car will just be another task with extra security and complete peace of mind!

Be sure to get yours installed for oyur Halesowen-based vehicle at at time and place to suit you with Car Theft Solutions.

Audi fitted with Scorpion Immobiliser in Halesowen West Midlands

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Scorpion Immobiliser fitted in Halesowen by Car Theft Solutions

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